~Montana State University 2013 Spring Rodeo~

As always the Big Sky Region of the NIRA come together to compete and help each other out at the Montana State University Brick Breeden Field House. Athletes from all diverse backgrounds come together to this one spring ritual, MSU Spring Rodeo! All the excitement started on Thursday, fairly good crowd but one heck of a performance by all schools in the Big Sky Region. Good night to get the sneak peek on what the weekend has in-store. Most teams came out strong in the first show, some failed to perform to their standings in the rankings. Which I may add is unusual. Rough stock was the strongest part of the performance. Most ropers were having quite the challenge to catch the steers, catch the goat, and toss down the calf. Most of the teams appear to be well coached in sportsmanship but they don’t focus on the fundamentals of the great sport of rodeo. All athletes gave it their best and what they have been coached though. The Friday performance was a fun larger crowd. Not to many made the whistle or got the time. It was going to be a tight race into the championship round the next day Saturday. This crowd piled in to the field house and seats were packed! It all came down to see who will keep the lead or who will climb their way up to the top of the food chain. Montana State University came out strong and took the buckle in most timed events, which is what that team is most focused on. Now to the true events of rodeo, Rough stock riding. University of Montana Western had the upper hand on that well coached and well focused team. Even though they did give a run in the timed events. Most disappointing thing to see was not too many cowboys spurred their draw. From a riders stand point it is the main reason for a low score and not being able to stay on for the full 8 seconds. Sunday was the mid day performance, also known as the “Sunday Fun Day”. Montana State University swept most of the day. Till the University of Montana Western took the reigns and got the upper hand. The 2013 Montana Spring Rodeo came to a close of a tight race of poor coached competitors and tough stock.


~Professional Bull Riders Come To Tacoma Dome~

Built Ford Tough Series 2013 in the Tacoma Dome.

It was a full night here in the Tacoma Dome with the top 35 riders in the PBR circuit. There was 6 sections for the night.

Section 1:

#2 Guilherme Marchi on Weldon Stock’s Snow Storm

#65 Brant Atwood on C’N Stars Bull Company’s Corky

#32 Jory Markiss on C’N Stars Bull Company’s Brush Fire

#16 Cody Nance on C’N Stars Bull Company’s Good News

#18 Ben Jones on Lazy HK Bar Rodeo’s The Grinch

#10 Fabiano Vieira on C’N Stars Bull Company’s Risky Business

#85 Joao Ricardo Vieira C’N Stars Bull Company’s Pimp Daddy

#12 Emilio Resende Bird Bucking Bull’s Kung Fu Panda

Section 2:

#3 L.J. Jenkins on Red Eye Rodeo’s Badger Milk

#86 Troy Wilkinson on Red Eye Rodeo’s Straight Jacket

#53 Reese Cates on Red Eye Rodeo’s Cowtown After Dark

#19 Kody Lostroth on Red Eye Rodeo’s Switch Back

#26 Aaron Roy on Red Eye Rodeo’s Fireball

#77 Matt Triplett on Red Eye Rodeo’s Geppetto

Section 3:

#14 Ryan Dirteater on Prescott/Vold’s Uncle Buck

#71 Zack Brown on Prescott/Vold’s In The Club

#28 Edevaldo Ferreira on Corey & Lange/Flying Diamond Rodeo Company’s Looks Like Me

#21 Chase Outlaw on Corey & Lange/Flying Diamond Rodeo Company’s LaBoomba

#78 Eduardo Aparecido on Corey & Lange/Flying Diamond Rodeo Company’s Major Impact

#29 Brendon Clark on Corey & Lange/Flying Diamond Rodeo Company’s Black

Section 4:

#4 Valderon deOliverira on Keith Garber’s Red Man

#43 Sean Willinghan on Mossyrock Cattle Company’s Sagebrush

#34 Lachlan Richardson on Mossyrock Cattle Company’s Black Bart

#6 Renato Nunes on Keith Garber’s Nitro Circus

#5 Austin Meier on Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.’s Orange Juice

Section 5:

#8 J.B. Mauney on Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.’s Old Soul

#47 Agnaldo Cardozo on Eno/Kublnchak Bucking Bulls’ Foul Play

#11 Luke Snyder on Keith Garber’s O.J.

#23 Douglas Duncn on Katich/Beksinski’s Love Dr.

#27 Jordan Hupp on Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.’s War Bird

#20 Ty Pozzobon on Keith Garber’s Pookie

Section 6:

#13 Mike Lee on Prescott/Walgren/Schultz’s True Blood

#9 Marco Aguchi on Mossyrock Cattle Company’s Indian Outlaw

#1 Silvano Alves on Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.’s War Chest

#35 Shane Proctor on Katich/ Beksinski’s Vetex’s Get Smacked

Bonus Bull

#5 Austin Meier on Bird Bucking Bulls’ Chocolate Thunder

These sections were well set by Cody Lambert. some tough bulls V.S. some tough riders. Highlights of riders and bulls were unexpected. L.J. Jenkins Gets Bucked off of Bagder Milk. Chase Outlaw gets bucked off of LaBoomba. Austin Meier gets bucked off of Orange Juice. J.B. Mauney rides all 8 seconds on Old Soul after Flint Rasmussen hit the challenge button. The judging Officials called it a no ride cause they thought he slapped the bull with his free hand. But after the replays he got the ride and a lead in the night. Luke Snyder gets bucked off of O.J. missing 8 seconds by just a little. Mike Lee gets a hold of True Blood and rides him out for all 8. So he got to run his infamous victory lap around the arena. Shane Proctor fails to get all 8 seconds on Vetex’s gets smacked, which is a real surprise because he is #1 in the world plus it’s his hometown crowd so he had home arena advantage. Austin Meier on his bonus bull Chocolate thunder from Montana a big headliner out of the Elite Professional Bullriders circuit. All in night one was quite the show!




~To Kick Off A New Year~

To last years finish is hard to keep up with! This year has a lot more to offer! One very important kid to keep an eye on this year, Chris King III, from Manhattan, Montana. This kid is in his 2nd year in the NRA Rodeo Circuit & his 1st year as a rookie in the EPB Bull Riding Circuit! There has been a whole new riding focus for this kid. Last year he was falling off over and over, but this year it has all changed. With a new picture at the 2013 Red Eye Rodeo Jackpot Ride in Deer Lodge, Montana, Chris has began to learn the fundamentals on what it takes to be a bull rider! He has changed a lot in this up coming season with a whole new focus and commitment to this job of bull riding. Chris had some good sponsors last season such as, Apricot Lane Western Boutique, Empire Building Materials, Western Cafe, Gallatin Valley Mall, and Good Vibrations. This year he is hoping for some more new sponsors to pull through. This rookie will be working hard to a championship this year!king